Healthy Bites offers several meal programs to help you get
just the right amount of health-supporting deliciousness into your
daily routine.  All of our home delivery meal programs are available in 3-day to 7-day ordering options that can be
ordered on a week-to-week basis.  Plan to order regularly?  Contact us for more information on our multi-week programs that can save you 5-10% off your regularly weekly order!   Our meal plans include:

Total Health
Too busy to even think about food?  No interest in cooking but you want to eat healthy?  This plan is for you!  Our Total Health program includes all your meals each day—breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. 
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Main Meals
The name says it all.  We prepare your main meals each day—breakfast, lunch and dinner—and you take care of your own snacks (as long as they are healthy, of course!) 
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Half-Day Health
You’ve got breakfast down, but the rest of the day…well that’s a different story.  Tired of deli sandwiches and decent-at-best takeout?  Let Healthy Bites handle your lunch and dinner so you can concentrate on what’s most important (or just not have to think about preparing a healthy meal!) 
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Half-Day Health PLUS
Does the office vending machine tempt you constantly? Curb your junk food temptations by keep healthy snacks with you at all times!  Our Half-Day Health PLUS plan gives you lunch, dinner and two healthy snacks per day.
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Just Dinner
Are you simply too busy or too tired to prepare a healthy dinner at the end of a long day? Then the Just Dinner program is just for you.  All of Healthy Bites' dinners come with a delicious entree and side salad.  All you have to do is heat it up, sit back, grab the remote and enjoy. 
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Just Lunch
Let's do lunch (the healthy way)!  Fill up on a Healthy Bites lunch for energy that will last you all afternoon. 
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Kid's Meals
The Healthy Bites children's menu offers half size portions of our standard Healthy Bites dinner meals, featuring our most kid-friendly recipes.
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