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Here is a great question regarding the intrauterine device, Mirena. (Just in case you are not familiar with Mirena, it is a kind of contraceptive that is certainly put in the uterus in order to avoid pregnancy. It releases the hormone called levonorgestrel and doesn't contain any estrogen. It can safely be in the uterus for up to 5 years!) 

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Combination pills are the most common sort of oral contraceptive. After having been in the marketplace for almost 50 years, they are considered an effective kind of birth control causing them to be popular around the globe. Though they could develop a risk for side effects including stroke, they may be regarded as being a secure strategy to prevent conception.

3. Does it reduces fertility?This could be true in early 60s whereby the pill was contains higher dose of hormones. However, with modern low dose pill women can rapidly resume their pre-existing degree of fertility upon discontinuing the pill. There are many other factors that may affect fertility as an example age.

The unwanted effects are according to the form of pills that you simply take. There are presently 2 kinds of pills; you are the oral pill made up of estrogen as well as the other an example may be the progesterone hormones and Minipil which includes progesterone only. Most women of any age taking the oral pill is not going to feel any bad unwanted side effects, but nevertheless it be determined by the person utilizing the pills.

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