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Carl Jung learned that our dreams are produced from the unconscious mind in the end of the barbarous century. The beginning of the 20 th century was marked by two world wars. The end of this century was characterized by a rapid scientific and technologic progress, along with the predominance of atheism.

In this paper I want to look at the investigations in the Citizens Committee for Human Rights in Mental Health. It is this organisation within the United States and also other countries who have consistently brought the risks of psychiatry towards the attention from the general public who generally include the victims of a marriage between pharmaceutical companies along with their paid distributors of lethal drugs, psychiatrists. This alliance continues to be depending on the greed for money, profits and kudos all inside name of a science that jointly leading authority called - "hokum"

The above quote is produced by The Hound of Heaven, a poem about being pursued by God. But I think it also reflects the experience of those beset by mental illness and also the families who love them against all odds. Every time I face a household crisis involving mental illness, I think of the line from the poem I learned in high school.

Poverty among children among from underprivileged background may also cause serious mental trauma. The delicate mind of the children either can become exceedingly strong if it encounter such problem if not bring about depression or any other kind of psychological problem. Physically abusing the child, neglect and also sexual abuse are some in the serious dilemma that's faced by many children inside their tender age. Any kind of abuse includes a direct impact on the psychological conditions in the kids. The parents should communicate freely making use of their children. If they are uncover any abnormality within their behavior, they should take serious steps to uncover the grounds behind it.

Academics: Academics play an important role in every single child's career. The main issue right here is the youth applying them when they does not feel like it. Every child should develop this psychological developmental task during their childhood. If a child is not using their mind in any kind of activity, or regularly failing in academics, or getting significant disturbance continuously, they needs mental health services.

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