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The truth is, most men fight to stay hard for a long time period during sexual activity. But is inability to stay hard for long periods a concern? Yes, it is just a big problem. It even creates a marriage breakdown to some couples where the man doesn't have the ability to satisfy their partner. Erectile dysfunction will not only affect the older men but also the younger ones. And as well than frustration and humiliation do these men suffer from? There is a drastic impact on their totality as being a person. Good thing it is possible to help men stay hard longer. Herbal regimen, medication, exercise will be the ways proven to help men achieve prolonged erection.

My, how times have changed. As the world becomes closer through such tools as the Internet, such ways of enlargement and gaining a hardon almost seem barbaric, by today's standards. The savvy man these days has an entire spectrum of penis-enlargement products available to him. And with a simple Internet search, can find out about penis enlargement than you may in different library ten years ago.

Diabetes mellitus causes weak erections in around 50% of diabetic males, excess sugar contained in the blood can block blood carrying vessels and can also numb the nerves to cause weak erections. Other diseases associated with cardio-vascular system, neurological disorders, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis and problems associated with prostrate gland, kidney and liver may cause weak erections. It is considered the diseases with diabetes constitute 70% of total complaints of male impotence.

It also helps by relaxing the arteries inside penis to ensure blood can rush in and grow it. The erection is the response to this rushing in of blood. A myth that's around about Viagra is that it causes erections. This is NOT true. You must have sexual libido arousal to start with. This means that something has got to enable you to get excited to begin the task.

Malnutrition or bad eating habits might also cause problem of ED. Lack of zinc in the diet or zinc deficiency also causes this challenge, eating too much processed foods and not enough exercise may cause numbness within the nerves that come with spine and male genitals, prolonged tobacco use particularly smoking could also cause ED. Hormonal imbalance causing insufficient testosterone hormone production or excessive prolactin hormone secretion cause this problem. Hyper or hypothyroidism also cause hormonal imbalance and promote male impotence. Certain medications popular to deal with other medical conditions like anti-depressants, medicines for high blood pressure levels, antipsychotics and antiulcer drugs may cause problem of ED.

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