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Our fast lives coupled with excessive demands at work have a tendency to wear us down. We are hardly aware of how a day begins and ends. Working like clockwork, we seldom realize how these work problems and insufficient time affects our relationships. This is particularly a problem with men. It is said that ladies will be more emotionally intelligent than men. They are able to view the state of these relationships and underlying problems at any time. Men, on the other hand usually start out without any consideration which causes breakdowns in relationships afterwards. Moreover, the character in men is really that they dislike discussing their difficulties with people. One such problem is low libido and impotence problems.

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Tadalafil, branded as Cialis, to enter the market a few years after Viagra and immediately caught the interest from the adult male population. Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, this medicine is unlike some other impotence drugs which can be currently sold at the moment. The unique aspect of this prescription medication is that it approaches ED from 2 angles. It is the flexibility of Cialis dosage which make it stand out from the remainder.

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