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How does your service work?  
The process is really quite simple.  Get all the details on the How It Works page.  

Do I have to sign up for multiple weeks of meals or sign any contracts?
Unlike other meal delivery services, you are not required to sign up for multiple weeks of meal delivery.  You can simply order Healthy Bites food any week you feel like having delicious, healthy food waiting for you every time you open your refrigerator.  If you love our food and want to save some dough, we offer a 5-10% discount when you purchase a 4 or 8-week program.  

What days are my meals ready for pick up or delivery?
All orders received by 6 PM on Thursdays will be ready for pick up or delivery the upcoming Monday evening by 6:00 PM.  All orders received after 6 PM on Thursdays will be processed the following week and ready for pick up or delivery the following Monday.  Your Monday pick up/delivery includes your food for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  All 3-day meal plans are delivered on Monday.  If you choose a 4- to 7-day meal plan, you will receive a second shipment of food on Thursday evening.  Your Thursday pick up/delivery includes food for  Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, depending on your meal plan.

Your meals will be available at our pick up location by 5:00 PM on Mondays and Thursdays.  If you choose to have your meals delivered, they will arrive between 5:30-9:30 PM on our delivery days. 

What if I forget to pick up my food?
If you are unable to pick up your meals on Monday and/or Thursday, you may pick them up the next day (Tuesday and/or Friday) during our regular business hours. If you need us to hold your meals any later than that, please call us at 202-882-1969 or send an email to info@healthybitesfood.com.

Currently, you may pick up your meals at Healthy Bites cafe between 11am-7pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and between 10am-7pm on Saturday. Healthy Bites is not responsible for orders that are not picked up from the pick up location and we cannot issue a refund for those orders.  

Will you deliver to my home?
We currently deliver to residents in Washington DC, the Maryland communities of Bethesda, Silver Spring (inside the Beltway), Rockville and Takoma Park, and the Viriginia communities of Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, McLean and Tysons Corner.  We can deliver to these areas for our standard delivery fee.  Deliveries to DC are $20/week and deliveries to Maryland and Virginia are $25/week for clients within the Beltway. 

We may be able to accommodate deliveries outside of the areas listed above for an additional charge.  If you have questions or are interested please send an email to info@healthybitesfood.com

What if I need to cancel an order?
Healthy Bites can accommodate order cancellations as long as they are made at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled delivery date.  Your order can be refunded or credited toward another delivery date.  Orders must be cancelled by 9am on Sunday morning for Monday delivery and 9am on Wednesday morning for Thursday delivery.  Orders cancelled after this timeframe will be nonrefundable. Please send an email to info@healthybitesfood.com to let us know if you need to cancel a delivery. 

Do my meals arrive fresh or frozen? 
Your meals come to you freshly prepared on the day they are delivered.  They are never frozen!  Put them directly into your refrigerator and enjoy them within 4 days of receiving your delivery or pick up.  Some meals can be frozen if you are unable to eat them within 4 days (soups, certain dinners, etc).   All meals come with heating instructions, if applicable, though heating on the stove or oven is best for preserving nutrtional value and for the best flavor!

Is this a weight loss program?  
Unlike some of the other meal delivery services you may have seen, Healthy Bites is not specifically designed to be a weight loss program.  However, one of the beautiful side benefits of eating Healthy Bites meals filled with fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables minus the empty calories and carbohydrates is that you will likely lose some weight!  While our Lite Bites menu is specifically tailored to help you maintain a healthy weight, it also perfect for anyone who wants to look and feel great.

Do I have to eat the same food all the time?  Are there different meal plans?
Our menus are seasonal, as we use produce from local farmers to make up much of our weekly meal plans.  We offer a 4-week menu that rotates weekly.  Some of our most popular dishes will remain in the menu throughout the year.  As the seasons change, you will also receive new dishes based on what is available from our local farmers.   You will find that each week offers plenty of variety and flavor.  Healthy Bites is currently offering two menus--Lite Bites and Veggie Bites

Are your meals 100% organic?
Choosing wholesome, quality ingredients that are free of chemicals, preservatives, hormones and antibiotics is something we live by at Healthy Bites.  Our menu is largely made up of organic ingredients, though our meals are not 100% organic.  Whenever we can find an organic version of an ingredient, we buy the organic version. 

What if I don’t like a meal?  Do you offer substitutions in your meal plans?
Currently, we can offer limited substitutions in your weekly meal plan for an additional fee of $5 per order.  If you have specific dietary restrictions we may be able to accommodate you.  Please send us an email at info@healthybitesfood.com for more information.

Do you offer nutritional information for your meals? 
We are currently working on compiling full nutritional data for our meals, but do not have it completed yet.  Our meals are structured primarily around the glycemic index, meaning that the combination of ingredients have a minimal impact on blood sugar levels and help keep your blood sugar stable.  This is important because foods that keep blood sugar levels stable (lean proteins, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates) help keep your body from storing food as fat and allow your body to stay in fat burning mode.  So, it's not just about the calories you are eating, but the type of calories and how they impact your blood sugar levels.   

As for calories and portion sizes, in general, dinners have between 400-500 calories, lunches between 300-400 calories, breakfasts between 200-350 calories, and snacks around 200 calories (amounts vary depending on the meal).  Dinners primarily consist of 6 ounces of protein and 4-6 ounces of vegetables (and sometimes about 1/2 cup of low glycemic carbohydrate like brown rice).  Lunches are slightly less with 4 ounces of protein (if there is chicken or fish).  Breakfast dishes contain 1-3 eggs (for egg-based dishes) and fruit/yogurt dishes contain about 6 ounces of yogurt and about 4-5 ounces of fruit.

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