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If you suffer from arthritis like I do you no doubt know it is no picnic. Sometimes you'll be able to feel like your arthritic joints have turned into your own private barometer. While there are otc and prescriptions available to help ease pain, I am not big on taking prescriptions. The long term risks aren't well worth the temporary benefits, so I prefer using natural alternatives. Here are three natural remedies for arthritis I feel have helped reduce my pain and that I think can help you.

As its name implies, the musculoskeletal strategy is consisting of muscles (from the Latin word musculus) and bone (from the Greek word skeletos). Other key components range from the joints (the junctions between several bones where movement takes place), the ligaments (fibrous bands of tissue that bind the various components with the joints together), along with the tendons (fibrous cords that attach muscles to bones, stabilizing the joints and moving them). Like a delicate machine, all parts should work effectively to produce pain-free movement. Injuries and friction can set the stage for the development of arthritis, that may erode and destroy essential components.

To understand clearly the anatomy and physiology in the disease, you must understand the functions of joints. The primary function from the joints is movement. Each of them is given a variety of motion knowning that movement differs from every person. The normal skeletal joint and ligaments is smooth and nearly friction free. Inside that bone are synovial membranes with synovial fluids within it. The synovial fluids are the types that secrete fluid to be used as lubricants for that joints. If these are generally absent, it is going to result to arthritis with so much pain.

Rheumatoid osteoarthritis is situated people of all ages, and is the most frequent auto-immune problem. Child osteoarthritis (JRA) impacts over 65,000 kids and teenagers in the United States, or about 1 in 1,000. In this problem, the defense mechanisms problems the synovium, a membrane surrounding the joint capsules, producing discomfort, bloating, and firmness. Like other auto-immune conditions, osteoarthritis is usually episodic, flaring up regularly, subsiding, and after that recurring.

Forty years ago, when cardiologist, Kurt A. Oster, M.D., and Fairfield University professor, Donald J. Ross, Ph.D., began their study of atherosclerosis by examining the first damage to the artery lining, they discovered an enzyme, XO, worming Swiss cheese holes there, making affected sections a brittle garden hose at risk of leaks.

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