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Everyone is busy.  With a totally packed schedule, it’s hard enough to keep track of your to-do list, let alone find the time to shop for food and cook a healthy meal. This is precisely why Healthy Bites was created.

Most people want to get healthier and eat well but have absolutely no time to prepare a nutritious homemade meal. Those who live near Whole Foods stand a chance (thank goodness for that amazing salad bar), but the fate of everyone else?  Grabbing the healthiest thing they can find on the go—deli sandwiches (hey, it had tomatoes!), frozen “health food” entrees, take-out du jour and the occasional home-cooked meal on the weekend. 

The problem is that most convenience foods are literally full of garbage: chemicals, preservatives, additives, antibiotics, growth hormones and a whole host of other things most of us can't pronounce, let alone spell.   We were convinced there must be a way to help people get good, clean food into their bodies while at the same time providing them the convenience their busy schedules demand.  And Healthy Bites was born.

How is Healthy Bites different? 
In a nutshell:  quality and freshness. Healthy Bites believes in eating in a way that supports the environment and the local economy at the same time.  Our meals are prepared with organic ingredients, and our produce, eggs, meat and dairy are purchased from local farmers whenever possible.  When you eat Healthy Bites meals, you not only get the freshest food available, you also support local farmers, their families and their communities—a win/win for everyone.

What Our Clients are Saying:

"Healthy Bites is delicious and easy!  By ordering a week of meals we have amazing food for lunch and dinner, don't have to order greasy takeout, and don't have to wash pots and pans.  Have you had the Curried Shrimp and Carrots?  If not, you're missing out!"  - B.O., Washington, DC

"I wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed my vegetarian meals the last week!  I actually feel connected to my food – it’s pretty simple, basic stuff, but prepared in a way that tastes great and doesn’t process all of the good stuff out.  I’m impressed!"
- S.S., Washington DC

"All the soups are incredible. Literally lick-the-bowl wonderful. Healthy Bites has been such a blessing for me! I feel tons better and I'm told I look better too!" - A.R., Washington DC

"The meals are absolutely great! They have exceeded my expectations. The food is really tasteful, recipes are imaginative and portion sizes perfect. Thanks!"
- V.G., Washington DC

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